Founding Team

Jared Meyers Headshot

Jared Meyers

Co-Founder & CEO

Jared previously ran sales development, customer success, and built stroke rehab devices across multiple startups. Jared holds a degree in biomedical engineering from Georgia Tech. During their time at Tech, he and Stephen both collaborated with Mayo Clinic to design a medical device.

Stephen Kalinsky Headshot

Stephen Kalinsky

Co-Founder & CTO

Stephen previously ran full-stack development and design at a rural healthcare startup and built out machine learning systems for research labs at Georgia Tech and Emory University. Stephen holds a degree in biomedical engineering from Georgia Tech.


Dr. Emily Blum

Advisor, Clinical Strategy

Medical Director, GCMI

Collin Smith

Advisor, Commercial Strategy

Head of Commercial Growth,

Tyler Godoff

Advisor, Business Strategy

General Partner, Emerging Founder

Linda Schultz

Advisor, Clinical/Research

Researcher & Educator, Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

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Who are we?

Our Mission

At Augment Health, we believe that peace of mind and dignity are rights — not afterthoughts.

We founded Augment Health to address the everyday challenges presented by chronic conditions. Our founders have been exposed to impacts from chronic conditions as individuals, family members, and friends.

We are driven by the opportunity to ease the constant awareness required from people who are affected by illness, disease, or disability.

Core Values: where we refuse to compromise

  1. Put people first

  2. Play infinite games

  3. Assume positive intent

  4. Be proactive

  5. Communicate and ask questions

  6. Make the right decision

  7. Lift as we rise

These are the mission and values we strive toward every day. We're grateful for the opportunity and hope to make a positive impact greater than we could ever imagine.

In Progress and Service,
Jared Meyers & Stephen Kalinsky