Neurogenic Bladder Management.

Regain your independence and bladder health.
More comfort and convenience than ever before.

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Medical devices should improve patients’ lives, not just treat their symptoms

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Neurogenic Bladder Management

Augment your senses. Say goodbye to the urine collection bag.

Our device interfaces with your existing Foley or suprapubic catheter and a catheter valve. It detects and notifies you when your bladder fills, putting you back in control. The device is inconspicuous, removing the burden imposed by existing urine collection bags.

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Our system connects with your catheter and valve to alert you when you need to void.

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Our System Noninvasively...

Enables Independence

by replacing your urine collection bag

Promotes Bladder Health

by preventing bladder muscle atrophy

Saves Money

by mitigating catheter-associated UTI risk

Improves Healthcare Options

by making catheter valves more accessible


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"Thanks to you and your team for working on a product to make lives better, healthier and easier!"

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The Team

Who are we?

Jared Meyers

  • Sales Development
  • Biomedical Engineering Student,
    Georgia Tech

Stephen Kalinsky

  • Software Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering Student,
    Georgia Tech

Camille Díaz García

  • Device Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering Student,
    Georgia Tech

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