Know when your bladder fills, right from your smartphone.

Our smart bladder monitor tracks bladder fullness, notifies you via your smartphone, and collects measurements for your urologist.

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Eliminate urine collection bags

Store urine in your own bladder, and we'll let you know when it fills. Take advantage of catheter valves and plugs to regain the filling and emptying cycle.

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Monitor and manage neurogenic bladder

Receive a notification on your smartphone or smart watch when your bladder fills. Get notified in advance, so you have enough time to react.

Voiding diaries, including timing and urine output, are automatically collected and easily shareable with medical teams.

Monitoring for bladder contraction, spasm, and other details are on the horizon.

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Non-invasively promoting positive outcomes

Smart bladder monitoring to help everyone, from patients to physicians and everyone in between

Quality of Life

Bladder & Kidney Health

Access to Care

Patient Perspectives

“This device has the potential to change so many lives by giving them — us — our freedom and mitigating the fear of leakage.”

- Individual with neurosarcoidosis

“Thanks for trying to help us maintain our dignity and poise in the midst of a personal problem or crisis.”

- Individual with limited bladder function (via family member)

"Thanks to you and your team for working on a product to make lives better, healthier and easier!"

- Individual with spinal cord injury

"I would love to be a user of this product."

- Individual with spina bifida

"I currently use a valve and this product would be amazing for me!"

- Individual with spina bifida

“This could change my life and outlook on having an SPC”

- Individual with autonomic neuropathy

“I’ve been dealing with a spinal cord injury for 8 years, so in a heartbeat I can see the benefits”

- Individual with spinal cord injury

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